Blox Competition Series Type C B-series VTEC Camshafts
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Blox Competition Series Type C B-series VTEC Camshafts

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Blox Tuner Series camshafts are designed using standard, OEM lobe designs while Competition Series camshafts are designed and cast with wider primary and secondary lobes. Although both types offer increased power and torque, Competition Series camshafts place less stress on the valvetrain and provide greater stability at extreme RPM's. Consequently, all camshafts are cast using the same materials and standards as OEM sources.

BLOX Racing recommends upgrading to its high compression valves, heavy duty valve springs, and Ti retainers on certain applications.

B-series DOHC VTEC engine compatibility list:
B16A, B17A, B16B (CTR), B18C4, B18C5 (UK ITR), B18C-R (JDM ITR)

Type C Camshaft Specs:
Intake (lift / duration) 0.481" / 268
Exhaust (lift / duration) 0.458" / 264


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